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Back in Sydney…

Greetings from Sydney!

Greg and I flew back into Australia on Friday, a bit earlier than planned but we wanted to acclimatise before the wonderful Annie Stoker event in Bondi Beach this coming weekend.

I have to admit, I do so love Bondi Beach! Isn’t it just a great place?  Makes me happy to be home.  That and the good coffee.  I do crave my coffee especially in winter.  Saying that, it’s hard to believe it’s the middle of winter over here because the weather is still fairly warm.  Don’t you just love Australia?  (And I hold nothing against the UK except the weather…..)

So now’s the time of year when they start to release the big blockbusters. Going to the cinema is such a treat.  Just out is The Karate Kid which stars Will Smith’s son, Jaden, as well as Jackie Chan who plays the eccentric martial arts mentor.  I went into the movie thinking nothing could match the original but I loved it!  The ironic thing is that the remake is not actually about karate at all – it’s set in Beijing and is all about Kung Fu.  Why still call it The Karate Kid though?

Who knows?  Still, it’s one of the best coming of age stories around and teaches us a lot about the power of restraint and mercy over violence.

Very philosophical.

Finding your Soul-Self

I’ve just got back from Los Angeles where I spent a fabulous weekend reconnecting to my soul-self.  It’s so important we stay true to what we care about and what drives us – and staying in touch with my soul essence is something very valuable to me.

So there I was in a room full of hundreds of powerful women, but not powerful in a pushy way, but in a very feminine way.  You know, it’s such a shame that our culture no longer celebrates feminine power and that we have to go re-discover something that was so normal in so many traditional cultures.

It seems like the drive these days is to turn women into men and men into women.  But just because we can be strong and independent, doesn’t mean we have to give up being ladies!  And just because men can be soft and sensitive, doesn’t mean you have to forget your soul-self either.

And talking of being a lady, well guess where I went this week?! I popped into the MAC store in Santa Monica and treated myself to 2 new eyeshadows, 1 mascara, 1 studio fix, 2 new brushes, lip gloss for Hannah and two new lippies for me.  Not a bad stash for the afternoon and a very good way to get in touch with my feminine energies, don’t you think?  And men, I’m not saying you have to wear make-up :) but you can still be soft and sensitive too.  All of us can learn to get in touch with our soul-selves and the divine essence of who we are….

Now is the time – it’s never too late…


I hope you enjoyed the weekend just as much as we did. Were you one of the world audience of millions who watched the World Cup Final?  I have to confess I’m not a huge footie fan and did need help on the off-side rule, but the World Cup final is a once every 4 years event and surely worth watching….

It wasn’t a beautiful match but what I loved about it was that after years and years of potential, Spain finally got their reward.  Unbelievably Spain had never made it past the quarter-finals before 2010 and yet each World Cup, their team have always been lauded with compliments – they have most talented players, they play the most beautiful football, they’re a joy to watch, they surely must do well…. And yet tournament after tournament they flopped.  When would they ever fulfil all that promise?

The answer is it’s never too late to fulfil promise and talent.  It’s just a matter of putting the correct system around your natural skill-sets.  Spain learnt that raw talent wasn’t enough – they needed a framework around it.  And that’s what they did.  They put the systems in place to unlock the talent and make it flow. And now look – they’re finally world champions!

So, the message I got from watching Spain as they celebrated wildly was one – the Spaniards sure know how to party and two, never give up on your dream! If you know you’ve got natural raw talent, and you’re still not making it, what business systems do you need to put around yourself so you too can reap the reward?

Talking of parties, check out my pics from our time in Surrey last week.  Our team had a week of post-event work in a gorgeous converted barnhouse.  We got a lot done and we also had a lot of fun…