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Back home in Australia

Well, here I am now, safely back home in Australia after a fabulous week in New York with my good friend, Laila Seewang.  I have to say she’s a brilliant architect so keep an eye on the international architecture scene for her!

It was my first time in New York in Summer and the hot and humid weather was an eye-opener.  I didn’t do too many touristy things.  It’s fun sometimes to just ‘be’ in a city and live like the locals, rather than try to explore the hell out of it.  I like the different feel you get.  So I’ve been hanging out in local Brooklyn cafes, I even went to a spa and Laila and I just had to try out a few yummy Manhattan restaurants.  It was a fun week and exactly what I needed.

Oh, and here’s a piccie of the Empire State Building I snapped!

Gypsy Tales

This week I’m back in America.  You just can’t tie a gypsy down however hard you try!

In the past week, I’ve been participating on a weekend workshop in San Francisco and then this weekend I have another workshop lined up in New York.  And in-between workshops I’ve been playing on my brand new toy… my ipad.

Actually, it’s not just a toy.  I  say this because it was only after overwhelming proof from Greg’s brother, Michael, that Greg decided to buy me one – lucky me and it wasn’t even my birthday!  I managed to road-test it on the flight to San Francisco and I’m pleased to say, It passed the test.  For all you geeks out there, I totally recommend getting the upgrade and getting the 3G version – the extra bucks are worth it.

Arriba! Mexican Fiesta!

This week has been a flurry of activity as I’ve spent most of it with my MDM people here in Sydney.

At the weekend we had the Annie Stoker event which totally rocked! This woman is a magician at shifting mindset, believe me.

And then this week, still on Bondi. we had the Million Dollar Masterclass Acceleration Session. See all the crazy pics from our Mexican Fiesta night…

All the MDM groups have been amazing and this one is no exception, in fact it’s more special than most because it’s the last time we are running the MDM programme. That’s because Greg and I want to focus on our family and a mentor group needs love and nurturing – as do children. So that’s why we’ve spent so long systematizing everything so we can still offer the same content but with less of me. That’s cos I’ll be spending time being a mummy! Although not just yet…