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We’re all going on a – Summer Holiday…

Well, End of Summer holiday anyway… Summertime is traditionally the time when businesses pack up and go on holiday.  But why does sometimes taking something as simple as a holiday actually cause stress?  Because it means time away from the office and all your to-do lists.  Greg and I are taking a late holiday this year to catch the end of the summer, so I thought I’d share with you 5 hot reasons why taking a holiday is the best thing you can do for yourself and your business.

  1. Creativity
    I don’t know about you, but as soon as I’m sat on that plane, snapping on my seat-belt and gazing out the window, my mind is already starting to relax.  I can allow myself to daydream in a way that my busy day to day life never allows.  When the mind is relaxed then the door of creativity opens and in bursts all those juicy ideas.  It’s within this creative mind that all the best, most profitable business ideas are.
  2. Perspective
    I often liken going abroad to a pair of binoculars.  It feels like I am watching my life back home through a different lens.  How is this important? Well it means that projects suddenly take on a new dimension, I see staff in a new light, tensions and struggles can be seen from a fresh angle.  Taking geographical distance often means you expand the way you look at things.

  3. Relaxation & Flow
    When the body and mind unwinds, stress levels drop and this can only be a good thing.  When stress levels drop we can actually start to see the true value of our business.  Is it really measured by the hours we put in or can we measure it instead, with our own personal happiness? Does happiness really come from how much we are earning or the car we drive?  Holidays allow us to reconnect to our flow and from this flow – this love of life itself – we might get a glimpse of our truest self and our long-forgotten dreams.
  4. Connection To Source
    I don’t know about you, but I find my connection to source comes from being in nature.  A beautiful forest, the edge of an ocean, a mountain valley.  Those places where I can find stillness and beauty. And it’s in these moments that I feel closest to God.  I call him God but it can be Source or the Universe – however you wish to describe that higher sense of being  – and it’s in this state of stillness that we are most receptive to new ideas and true wisdom. Which in turn we can channel back into our business and reinvigorate it.
  5. New Direction
    Holidays are healthy.  They feed us up body and soul and gently plop us back down into the workplace renewed with new purpose.  It may be that the holiday opens up a new career path or detours you from the one you are currently on.  It may that be that you met someone on holiday that is going to be a great friend or a fabulous business contact.  It may be you found you again.  Holidays take you from the rut of where you are headed and gently open your eyes to new horizons.

So have a think about the kind of holiday you want this year if you haven’t already had one and what you want to get out of it.  Get yourself onto the internet and book yourself some time out before those winter evenings start coming in…  Not only will you benefit, but your business will too.

Wedding Shopping!

What with a wedding coming up, I’ve just ‘had’ to do some shopping!  And who better to go shopping with than personal branding expert and style guru, Ben Angel.  Greg, Ben and I spent a great day out choosing some new clothes. Ben was just awesome.  He even got Greg to agree to wearing skinny ties and if you ask me he looks super hot in them! Being on the road means you to tend to wear your clothes out so this shopping trip was well over-due….

Talking of traveling, this weekend we got back to the UK and during the 5 hours we had to wait to check into our apartment we started the wedding planning.  I much preferred ignorance.  Did you know there is a formula for who you should invite!  Hilarious!

It just so happened the weekend we’ve arrived here in the UK is the Thames Festival, so we spent Saturday afternoon listening to the gypsy band near Tower Bridge and watching this groovy lady carve up the lawn!  I did have a bit of a boogie too!

As of next week, Greg and I are heading off on a much needed holiday, first to Turkey for a short cruise and then over to Thailand for Greg’s brother’s wedding.  I promise lots of lovely snaps on my return!  In the meantime, the newsletter will be taken care of by various members of the lovely Shift team so I’ll be leaving you in safe hands.  Plus it’s also a chance for you to see some little known behind the scenes secrets of Shift….

Fathers Day

Well, it’s been over a week of now of being an engaged woman and I did what all newly engaged daughters do – go back home to show my parents the sparkly ring!
My fiance and I (I just love saying that!!) went back to Hobart.  That’s in Tasmania for all you non-Aussies.  It’s so cold this time of year we could only manage 4 days.  But that was enough time for my ma to ask when the kiddies were due…..





Anyway, we spent a lovely weekend with my family.  See the piccies!  Father’s Day was the highlight – check us out outside the local hardware store.  That’s dad’s for you.





Apart from some quality family time, the other great thing that happened this week was an amazing coaching session and event critique with my MDM Diamond member, Michael Sheargold.  Investing in a mentor really does pay off in terms of creating some beautiful results. 

It’s Official!

I’ve just had the most amazing weekend…

On Saturday night, Greg popped the question… it’s true … he’s making an honest woman of me.  I have to admit it was such a surprise, as it happened on the day of his brother’s bucks night…and it caught me totally off guard.

He proposed at a little cafe off the famous Lygon st in Mebourne… called Brunetti’s.  Which means nothing to anyone else… but for Greg and I it’s where we fell in love over Italian Hot Chocolate.  He proceeded to blind me with the most gorgeous ring I have ever seen.  I was telling him it is so much better than anything I could ever have picked. He’s certainly very clever!

Then he whisked me away to a new Art Hotel in Melbourne called “The Olsen” where we spent the night in the Penthouse with a view overlooking Melbourne city, and sipped champagne in the hot tub on the balcony under the moon.  How lovely huh!?

In case this wasn’t enough, he had also booked a “Couples Massage” at my favourite spa the following day… and the girls there were so excited for us.   To top it all off we had a gorgeous dinner at the restaurant of our first date, but this time with all our family to share the exciting news.

So I have to say I was overwhelmed with romance, and feel so humbled and spoiled.  I still catch the sparkles of the ring out the corner of my eye and have to pinch myself to know it’s true.  

But as I was saying to a friend of mine yesterday, it feels like a little corner of my soul has relaxed.  It’s so divine.

To all of you who have left us beautiful messages on facebook and in the inbox… thank you so much.  Your support over the last three years has been wonderful, and we really do feel that this is a celebration not just of our love of each other, but all the wonderful people who are a part of our community.  You guys make it all worthwhile and special!

Here’s to partnership, love and magic!