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Bridal Delights!

Wow, what an amazing week!  Events include; another dress fitting, bridesmaids dresses, bridal registry, babysitting and of course our wonderful engagement party!  I promise I did do some work… at some time… I think?!

Now I have to say I have discovered the perfect way to do your bridal registry shopping – with a glass of champagne!  Thankfully the department store has just put in a brand new champagne bar for just such moments… how divine!
It will be really lovely to be a married couple with all our gifts that everytime we look or use one, we will think of the lovely family and friends that shared our special day with us.

I want to thank everyone who came to our engagement party in the Fitzroy Gardens (and especially those who travelled interstate – a lovely surprise!).  I was totally impressed with Melbourne turning the weather on and couldn’t have asked for more of a perfect day.  Our Shift Family is very important to us as you have all been with us on our special journey, so it was just magic to share the afternoon with you all.  Check out some of the photos.

It’s also not long now before Greg and I are off to Bermuda to hang out with our mentor, Ted Nicholas, and plan 2011.  This year has been about us travelling and experiencing lots of different places and cultures and 2011 is about having a base close to our family and friends.  This will be a new experience for us and we know it will be a very exciting time in our business also. 

So… next week I’ll be coming to your from the shores of Bermuda.  If you don’t hear from me, it’s that blasted Triangle at work!

How To Be Your Own Best Parent

Let’s talk about love.

Loving yourself is the beginning. Regardless of your goal, be it harmonious relationships with your partner and your family, or financially orientated targets, do not underestimate the power of self-love. It – or the lack of it – is at the core of everything. And just like an apple, the more juice on the inside, the tastier life tastes.

But, as so much else in the personal development field, self-love is easier said than done. Loving yourself is so much more than indulging in some long denied desire, or lying in a bubble bath surrounded by scented candles while relaxing music soothes your jagged edges.

It’s Up To You

Loving yourself begins first and foremost with the recognition that if you are not in a place of well-being inside yourself, it’s up to you to do something about it. This should become your priority.

Imagine you are the parent of a small child. Your child is upset, or sad, or angry or frightened, You, as loving parent of the child, would attempt to help the child move to a better place inside. You might embrace the child, talk about what is going on, or do any number of things to help the child see the situation with new eyes in order to feel better about it.

But in order for this to happen you would need to be closely connected to your child, you would need to have strong communication with your child, and you would need to be totally aware of your child’s feelings. Furthermore, you’d need to want to be there for your child.

Be Your Own Parent

By now you’ve probably figured out that I’m giving you an analogy about how you need to be dealing with yourself. In order to show yourself that you love yourself (because that’s how it starts), you must be aware of yourself and your feelings at all times and be conscious or aware enough to choose to do something about them at all times.

Does that mean that you would never allow yourself to feel pain or sorrow or worry or have any other type of negative feeling? Does it mean you would keep yourself in some iron grip of control so that you would not have those feelings? Absolutely not! But it does mean that you would be willing to choose to focus elsewhere in order to help yourself move to a better place inside.

Choose To Focus On Something More Positive

Worrying about your business, your income or your relationship takes you nowhere. It is much more proactive to resolve whatever is going on in your life. You can attempt to resolve it by allowing it a certain amount of time per day – but only that amount of time – in your life, brainstorming, consulting, researching about the situation, and you would then choose to focus on something else in order to help yourself move to a better place inside. This is what you do for those that you love.

What Next?

If you start today, right now, this evening you will already feel better about how you are dealing with yourself. You’ll recognize that you’ve taken some steps to love yourself. And a part of you will feel just as loved as the child who has been enveloped in the loving arms of a caring and emotionally generous adult parent. This will bring you ever closer to inner peace and freedom, and this will bring you joy and who knows what else…

Get those cogs turning…

So, another exciting and positive week rolls past brimming with business lessons.  Don’t you love it when your business teaches you something about yourself?  Everything, including business, is a reflection of our true selves and as long as we stay integral to this then we shouldn’t go too far off course.  At the moment, we’re busy on a big automation project.  From the outside it won’t look too exciting . . . but everything is getting set up toward supporting us when we start a family. 

And that is exciting!

I’m spending most of my time in front of the green screen in my studio in our new home.  I just love the space here!  Or if I’m not doing that, I’m gazing out my office window to the olive tree and beyond . . . when I should be writing emails and copy and stuff like that.

Being a star profile, the automation side of things is not something that comes naturally to me.  I prefer to be up there on stage and being with you! But to have a sustainable, ongoing profitable business, sometimes we have to do the stuff we don’t want to do. 

I think this is the difference between a business owner and employee in the end.  Are you going to do the stuff you don’t WANT to do, to get the result that you DO want to have?

On that note, enjoy the newsletter this week.  It’s jampacked full of awesome website tips for you and your business growth.  Yep, it’s all about the techie stuff most of us speakers hate doing . . . but get the automation of your website right and it’s the place where you’ll start to see sale after sale after sale . . . even in your sleep.

And I think you’ll find that result very sexy indeed.

Ahh, Home Sweet Home…

This week has been about nesting, wedding preparations and launching one of my coolest products – the new Blueprint in Action Program.  

It’s been over a week now since Greg and I moved into our new home and we’ve been busy unpacking and discovering new treasures I’d forgotten all about.  I’m also discovering how much our taste in furniture has changed over the last 2 years! We have a lot of furniture shopping to do I think.

Where we are living I am walking distance to the Botanical Gardens, the beach and the cafe strip . . .  how perfect.  Needless to say ‘Bridal Bootcamp’ has commenced every morning with runs on the beach and pushups in the park!

Last weekend we got the dress underway, so this weekend it’s all about the bridesmaids! 

And in amongst all of this we’ve been preparing for our “Special Wedding Dress Fund Offer” on the Blueprint in Action Program. First 27 get $250 off . . .  see Jo Recommends below.

As usual the newsletter is jam-packed full of tips to fast-track your speaking success, expand your comfort zone and put you on the platforms of the world.

Designer Wedding Dresses and Long Forgotten Kitchen Tools

This past week has been one of the most symbolic in my life.  Have you ever had weeks like that?  Where loads of BIG events seem to pile up on top of each other?

First, myself and Greg finally picked up the keys to a new home!  Yay!  And second . . . close your eyes Greg and no peeking  . . .  I found a brilliant dress designer here in Melbourne who can have my dress designed and made by Christmas!!!  Wooohooooooo! The date is all set for the 15th January which means only a few short weeks left of being a single woman.  Gulp!

Moving house is huge for us because we’re just a little bit tired of living out of a suitcase . . . so we are delighted to be moving into a great place near the sea and the botanical gardens in Williamstown in Melbourne.  I have to look up Jennie Armato, I think we might nearly be neighbours!

Our goal is homes in Oz and the UK so that we can unpack in both the northern and southern hemispheres! Because to be honest, for both Greg and I a life without travel would be a bit two dimensional.  I really want my kids to be global citizens.  (Yes, everyone keeps telling me that its harder to travel with kids… I know… But allow me my delusion for a little longer!)

So with that, I’ll head back into the kitchen where I am rediscovering all the lovely things I had forgotten about since they were packed into storage 2 and a bit years ago!