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Busy, Busy, Busy!

It’s been a such busy fortnight! It all started with 2 days working with Cathy Burke and Elizabeth Sanderson from The Hunger Project, helping them put together a presentation to raise money for this incredible cause to end worldwide hunger.

The Hunger ProjectI have to say . . . even though I was there to help these were 2 of the most inspiring days of my life!  While my time was a gift to The Hunger Project, I feel as though I ended up getting the better deal.  Being able to spend 2 days with such amazing women who are up for this huge, huge mission was an absolute honour.  I’m pleased to say this is an organisation we are going to support and be much more fully involved in the future and it starts right now with “Presentation Profits Intensive”.  For the first ever time, a percentage of each ticket sold will go straight to The Hunger Project.

Also, in this past couple of weeks we had out last ever MDM event where we launched a brand new event called ‘Seminar Business School.’  I’ll tell you more about this at our upcoming events but what I can say now is that it will be a super intensive event on the business of seminars. Yay!

Colleen's WeddingOn a more personal level, one of the most exciting events from the past 2 weeks has been the surprise wedding of our Australian Business Development Manager, Colleen and her fiancé, Nick!  Greg and I went to what we thought was her engagement party  . . . only to find out it was her actual wedding!  This was the second Shift wedding of the year and our heartfelt congratulations goes out to Mr and Mrs Woodstock.

My sister, Kath Clarke of Frank Food and Me on Melbourne Radio

Kath Clarke's shortbread

My sister Kath Clarke's amazing shortbread

I’m just so proud of my sister, Kath Clarke. She was interviewed today on Joy FM in Melbourne on a spot called “Cravings”. The topic? Food memories.

She has a TV spot coming up soon on Channel 10 too. Watch out for this little superstar. She’s gonna go big real soon!

Listen to the interview here:

Kath Clarke Interview on Joy FM
Check out her yummy cakes here.

The thing about Kath is she just attracts media attention. And this got me to thinking. What is it that captures the attention of the media. Why is this woman getting radio, TV and press attention without even trying- while others cant get attention to save themselves!

What are your thoughts?