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Busy, Busy, Busy!

It’s been a such busy fortnight! It all started with 2 days working with Cathy Burke and Elizabeth Sanderson from The Hunger Project, helping them put together a presentation to raise money for this incredible cause to end worldwide hunger.

The Hunger ProjectI have to say . . . even though I was there to help these were 2 of the most inspiring days of my life!  While my time was a gift to The Hunger Project, I feel as though I ended up getting the better deal.  Being able to spend 2 days with such amazing women who are up for this huge, huge mission was an absolute honour.  I’m pleased to say this is an organisation we are going to support and be much more fully involved in the future and it starts right now with “Presentation Profits Intensive”.  For the first ever time, a percentage of each ticket sold will go straight to The Hunger Project.

Also, in this past couple of weeks we had out last ever MDM event where we launched a brand new event called ‘Seminar Business School.’  I’ll tell you more about this at our upcoming events but what I can say now is that it will be a super intensive event on the business of seminars. Yay!

Colleen's WeddingOn a more personal level, one of the most exciting events from the past 2 weeks has been the surprise wedding of our Australian Business Development Manager, Colleen and her fiancé, Nick!  Greg and I went to what we thought was her engagement party  . . . only to find out it was her actual wedding!  This was the second Shift wedding of the year and our heartfelt congratulations goes out to Mr and Mrs Woodstock.

7 days until Shift Speaker Training’s Presentation Profits in Melbourne!

You have to be careful what you wish for!

Last week, after an incredibly successful round of Shift presentation Secrets evets (or 1-day Intro events) around Australia- the 3-day intensive training (Presentation PROFITS) Sold Out!  That’s right, with 130 people in the room we absolutely could not fit another soul in!  Which was great news for me but no so great for the dozens of people waiting on the waiting list to be called in case someone decided to roll over to next year!

Christine really wants to get to Shift Presentation Profits!

But the collective prayers of these Aussies seem to have been heard!  Much to the upset of my staff.  Let me explain…

The venue we had booked for our event, called us up and said “we’ve put you in another room- its about the same size, you won’t mind will you?”  Mind?!  I think they thought our event was a quiet sit down affair where everyone would squeeze in and not move for the whole day.

They obviously didn’t recognise that a Shift Training is interactive, full of exercises and lots of loud music!

We flew Tam to Melbourne to pore over floor plans and measure chairs, but no matter how we shook it, their change had meant we wouldn’t even fit the 130 people in any more.  Grrrrrrrr!

So thankfully the great people at CQ venues in Queen St have come to our rescue- with a lovely big room.  Which was lucky really considering EVERY OTHER VENUE  in Melbourne was booked out that weekend! Ahhhh- the joys of running events.

The problem is now 130 people (ourselves included) have to re-organize our selves into a new venue  (did I mention Grrr?).

But the good news is for those people who simply couldn’t wait another year- like Christine- they don’t have to.  You see the room at QC is bigger – so we could COMFORTABLY fit in another few profit-minded souls.

At today’s count there’s another 11 places still available.  So if you’re keen to get to this year’s event check it out here:

Shift Presentation Profits with Dr Joanna Martin

The moral of this story- never underestimate the prayers and affirmations of a few like-minded individuals to wreak havoc on otherwise perfectly laid plans!

Love Jo!

8 Days until London Workshop


It’s been a big week here in London for the Team.  Last weekend I spoke at “The Millionaire Bootcamp for Women”.  It was a very successful weekend with some fantastic feedback from the participants.  It was also a great  opportunity for me to connect with some friends- some new, some old.

At the Bootcamp I invited the first people to join me on “The Lifestyle Shift Accelerator” Program. The response was awesome- so I can’t wait.  This is a new program I’ll be running in January next year. It is not just for speakers, but for any business owner who wants to make a life, not just a living.   So keep your ears out for more information about that one!

With only 8 days to go til the Presentation Profits Intensive in London- we’re getting super-excited here in the office.  Can’t wait to re-connect with all the inspiring European speakers we’ll have there!  If you haven’t got your ticket yet we have around 11 places remaining. 

Check it out here:



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What do Belgium, Ireland, Germany and USA Have in Common?

What do Belgium, Ireland, Germany and USA Have in Common?

You could be forgiven for thinking it was a united nations convention at our recent event here in London.  Last Saturday we had people fly in from not only all over Europe, but also across from the USA and from Australia.  Strange- but true!

I was so overwhelmed with the response we received here.  I wanted to share with you the extraordinary response in the hope that it inspires you to reconnect with your vision for your speaking.

Having a day such as this really warms the cockles of my little heart! It makes me so grateful for the opportunity I have to share this information with people.

Have a look at some of the photos from the event too!

I hope you excuse my little bragging session- but I wanted to share with you just how much this weekend meant to not only the team and I, but the attendees as well.

If you have friends or colleagues in London- there are still a few tickets left for this Saturday.  Please feel free to forward them on to: