Well, we’re back?!  Three weeks away feels like it was a lifetime.  As you probably know by now the last three weeks we’ve been cruising across the Atlantic and partaking of all things holiday-ish with our good friends Andrew and Daryl Grant, Paul and Mary Blackburn and numerous members of both the Shift Speaker Training Silver Program and the Million Dollar Masterclass.

It’s remarkable how such an extended time away from the office, with consistently new experiences, changes one’s perspective on life and business.  I won’t reveal all the details here, but suffice to say Greg and I have some big plans for this year.  This will mean loads of extraordinary opportunities for you.  The first of these will be this Thursday on my postponed “ABCs of Increasing Your Income from Speaking Webinar”.

I know that some of you waited on the line for me, and I didn’t arrive last Thursday.  SORRY!  You see my plane out of New York was cancelled, so we had to wait for HOURS in Washington, which meant I was mid-air while you were hanging around in the gotowebinar waiting room!  So, because I wasted your time, I am going to give you a gift unlike you have ever seen on this Thusdays webinar. The webinar is free to register, so if you’re not yet registered- make sure you’re on this week.

Click here to register for this “not to miss” webinar!

Check out some of the happy snaps from the cruise. Obviously there’s heaps of them, so I won’t overwhelm you.  You can check out my Facebook page for more.  But here’s a sample to get you started.




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