Yes… in my life I have been a doctor, an actor, and a teacher of personal development. I think I might have the worst case of identity crisis out! I was a teacher of personal development, and an avid fan of empowerment, and yes, let’s be honest, an evangelist. However, in the PD-afterlife I find myself wrestling with the battle between critical thinking and personal development; science and religion… It seems the ghosts of my rational past are coming back to haunt me. This morning, I have been googling and looking at peoples blogs and tossing ideas around. All in all, getting quite stewed up about what is the truth… and then I discovered this little gem… so maybe this man has it sorted.

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  1. 1vanessarothwell on Nov 3, 2007 at 2:52 pm:

    Hi Joey,

    I saw your comment on facebook about putting a youtube video on so came to check it out – well done! I haven’t tried to figure that one out yet as I haven’t needed to so far. Technology is so fun these days with all that you can do. This is an interesting video although i don’t really like this guy’s attitude and philosophy.

    I have been enjoying reading your posts and can relate a lot to this one. I think it is very easy to get into a headspin over “what is reality?”.

    As you know, I also have a science background and years ago I was very set in my belief about science explaining everything and that it was the only reality. However I was open to other things although quite sceptical. It all changed for me though when I was reading a book about a medium (John Edward) and suddenly came to the realisation that science perhaps didn’t know everything! (a shock to me at the time!). After that I did a lot of reading in spiritual books on a quest to find “the truth” and over time became comfortable in the idea that there is a physical reality explained by science and a spiritual reality that has a lot of evidence going for it as well (and that they can coexist).

    I think I had that belief shaken quite a bit though when I read the holographic universe, I’m still not quite comfortable in what is said there as it makes my mind spin too much!

    Anyway as I learnt from you and Chris about the “meaning” you make about things and that you can choose your beliefs to get the result you want, I have decided to believe just what I am comfortable with and what makes sense to me whether or not it is “the truth”, it is “my truth”. I think it is a lifelong search as there is always more information out there and no definitive “right” answer. Everyone has a variation on what is “the truth” and you can accept or reject each thing based on what feels right to you.


  2. 2Joey on Nov 4, 2007 at 2:02 pm:

    Hi Vanessa,
    Thanks for your thoughts… it’s good to be reminded of what we know isn’t it!

    I agree with you… I dont think George Carlin is someone whos’ life philosophy I am going to take on, but gee it’s good to have a laugh when you’re taking yourself too seriously isn’t it!!

    You can’t expect too much more from a stand up comic!!

    Anyhow… take care and keep posting… and here’s to making meaning that we like!

    J x

  3. 3Sue Broad on Nov 4, 2007 at 8:39 pm:

    Hey Joey, well I think I can compete in the career change / identity crisis competition if we count secretary, sales person, research fellow, NLP coach, ecommerce entrepreneur. And no my parents don’t understand, do yours?
    Like Vanessa I’ve spent time in a context where you’re always looking for the ‘proof’ to back up your claims. I spent plenty of time listening to Chris with my researcher hat on wanting the references and ‘proof’. But I guess I’ve come to realise that for me the ‘proof’ doesn’t have to explain why or how and instead I can accept that if I believe it (like some NLP processes, the Law of Attraction etc) and its working for me and I’m getting results, that can be evidence enough.
    One of my favourite quotes is “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear” (don’t know where it comes from). And I apply that to much of the new age and personal development content that is out there now… some of it I’m ok with, and some of it is to ‘out there’ for me, until I realise that I shifted that little bit further. And yes, some of Holographic Universe I can cope with, and some is still too out there… and that’s what I love about it.

  4. 4Joey on Nov 7, 2007 at 1:57 pm:

    Hmmm.. yes Sue, maybe you win there! I have to say my parents are pretty understanding on this front. Especially since my most recent incarnation sees me helping my Dad with his marketing as part of my work!! Mostly they want me to do whatever makes me happy. And I guess for me the good thing is I am fascinated with business and making money to give away… so I’m never going to be a starving artist which makes it easier for parents!

    I suppose you’ve gotta love the out there stuff don’t you. There’s more in the universe that we’ll ever be able to explain or measure… bu good on us humans for giving it a go huh?

    J x

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