Sincerest apologies for my absence the last couple of days. You may remember my video recently “joey’s had an idea”? Well, the last couple of days I have been in Perth meeting some of the most extraordinary people. Well, truly they are ordinary people doing extraordinary things because of extraordinary levels of inspiration and drive.

I have been humbled, and moved by this incredible bunch of people. I had the opportunity to work with Mark (who I refer to in the same earlier post), and to discover just what it means to be in flow.

Have you ever had the experience of having an idea, but it’s more like you are tuning into a broadcast across the universe, and the more you investigate the idea, the more you realise that other people are picking up on the same broadcast? That has been the experience with my trip to Perth.

I came over to team up with Mark and create something that we both feel passionate about, that would inspire entrepreneurs around the world. Unsurprisingly, yet impressively, our excitement and conviction has attracted so much support, and the trip has been a huge success.

I promise you guys will be the first to know when the project is ready for human consumption ;-)

Meanwhile, its 11:45pm, I’m in the Qantas lounge in perth, and my li’l fingers are dragging across the keyboard. So excuse me while I catch a few Zs. Hopefully they wake my up to put me on the plane. I get to see greg in 6 hours. Hooray!

Have an awesome day!

Joey x

2 Responses to “Tuning into the Universe FM in Perth!”

  1. 1powergal on Dec 9, 2007 at 6:10 am:

    Hi Joey!

    So glad to find your Blog! Excellent work! Enjoyed the interview with Pina very much!

    I can soooo relare to what you’re saying about ideas being snapped up in the ethers. Has happened to me more times than I’d like to admit. Joe Vitale says, “The Universe loves speed” so now I remember that when I have a new idea and act on it as soon as possible.

    Here’s one of my latest ideas in action:

    Glad we can stay connected via the bolgosphere!

    Tracy ‘Power Gal’ Monteforte
    Northern California

  2. 2Joey on Dec 19, 2007 at 7:55 pm:

    Hey Tracy,

    Thanks so much for the comment. Awesome to hear from you. Gotta love Universe FM huh?

    Checked out your website… love it!! Love the vblog on ebb and flow!

    Go for it woman

    j x

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