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Speaker Training Armand Morin Style

Armand Morin

Armand Morin

We’re at LAX right now, and I just experienced my first earthquake.  5.0 on the Richter.  I was in the toilet and the water was splashing around all over the place!  Mmm!!

Anyway- back to the point!….

As many of you know- I am a constant and never-ending student. One of my colleagues, Armand Morin, who many of you may know as an Internet Marketing Super-hero, ran his speaker training “Persuasion X” public speaking training in Los Angeles this weekend.

Greg and I made a last minute decision to skip over the Pacific and check it out, and we have had a great couple of days.

I think no matter how much you know about public speaking, or any topic for that matter, there’s always something more you can add to the mix huh?! The highlight of the weekend was an unexpected visit to the event by the lovely Les Brown. Wow! What a gentle, beautiful man. He was truly unbelievable.

The three days at the event have confirmed my belief that when it comes to closing sales from stage, and public speaking in general, that it doesn’t matter what your style is… As long as you:

1. Are confident in your system
2. Hit the 7 key phases of your presentation
3. Practice, practice, practice

…then it doesnt matter if you have word on your powerpoint or images, or dont even use powerpoint. It doesn’t matter if you teach heaps, or load up the entertainment factor. There are rooms for all types- as long as you are memorable FOR SOME REASON!

So keys to take away from this message:
- Know your content
- Have a good system
- Just get you there practice!

If you haven’t yet seen my seven step presentation design- it’s free to check out at http://www.SecretsofSellingFromStage.com

Here’sa to your wild success!

A response to a request- my top 5


How naughty am I? I haven’t written for so long- guess I’ve been enjoying the lifestyle too much!

Here’s a request from a blog reader, Laurent, which has inspired me to jump back on and tell you guys something:

if you get a moment: i’d love to know what you would say have been the top 3-5 “how-to” books/websites or resources (including people!) you may have come across that have taught you how to leverage/use the internet as a tool for building your business and creating your ideal lifestyle.

So here they are:

  1. As you guys know is out and out Timothy Ferris’s “4-hour work week”. You are officially daft if you haven’t read it yet (I still love ya though!)
  2. Andrew and Daryl Grant’s membership site model (www.andrewanddaryl.com)
  3. Wayne Pickstone and Steve Baker’s advice on marketing (www.waynepickstone.com)
  4. Joel Bauer’s insitence that we have lots of video online
  5. Armand Morin’s awesome seminar marketing tips

That’s what’s been helping me most recently. Hope that helps you Laurent.

Hey – Helena (my blog helper) has just had a beautiful little baby boy- Daniel!! How exciting!

Love Joey x