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How To Create Your Dream Lifestyle

Creating your dream lifestyle is not a myth.  It can be your reality.

Take a moment to imagine your dream lifestyle.  What would it involve?  For most people, it involves some of the following ingredients:

  • Foreign travel
  • More time off to relax and pursue your hobbies
  • Quality time with your family and friends
  • New clothes
  • New hairstyles
  • New cars!

And the list goes on . . .

The Myth

But here’s where the myth begins.

Most people believe all this is beyond their grasp. As a child, all this seemed possible and yet as adult-hood sunk its cynical claws in, these goals become dreams, which in turn become ideals, which in turn become a faraway concept forever out of your grasp…

But this doesn’t have to be the case.

You Can Create Your Dream Lifestyle.

It’s just that most people don’t know HOW to create their dream lifestyle. And the sad fact is . . . it’s actually far easier than people think! People chase the magic pill of success which will change their lives, but as a business owner, if you just focus on the following 3 strategies and apply yourself, you can create your dream lifestyle.

  1. Increase Your Income: Using smart and effective marketing strategies you can increase both the number of customers you have and the amount each customer spends. Which will in turn…..
  2. Give You More Time Off: As you bring more money into your business you won’t have to work so hard. The goal here is to free up 25% of your time (minimum) to work toward passive income streams.
  3. Leverage Your Business Into Passive Income: You will then be able to select the quickest and easiest way to create passive income, in a way that works WITH your natural talents; not against them.

By following these 3 strategies, you could be on your way to creating your dream lifestyle. Don’t be one of the masses, why not take a step this week toward increasing your income so you can get more time off and leverage your business into passive income. . . . You never know, your dream lifestyle could be just around the corner.


Welcome to 2011!

Welcome to 2011!  I hope you had an amazing Christmas break and a fun New Year.  The holidays have passed so quickly and I can’t believe it’s the start of a new year and more importantly, only 10 days to our wedding!

This Christmas heralded the start of a new dawn . . . the patter of tiny feet.  No, not our own!  At least not just yet.   But this Christmas was a happy portent for Christmasses to come!  At Greg’s brother’s house on Christmas day we had the pleasure of Charlotte, Greg’s 2 year old niece, and then at dinner at my dad’s house we had my little cousins running happily around us.  As you know, our intention for 2011 is to create our own babies so it was great to get some practice!

On New Year’s Eve, we went to the beach near our new home in Williamstown, Melbourne, to sit and watch the fireworks cascade over the city.  Fireworks are such a dramatic way to bring in the new year – they beckon excitement and wonder and I love relating them to business.  As each rocket exploded over the city, I imagined how many of your businesses will take off and explode into profit this year. 

Profit comes with good planning and the right intentions.  If you want to set some intentions, now’s the perfect time to do it.  In the meantime, happy new year!

Greetings from Bermuda!

Greetings from Bermuda!  The great news is we didn’t get lost in the triangle and the even better news is we’ve been having an amazing time with our mastermind group.

You know the old saying, your network is your networth, well it’s never more potent when you’re part of a double platinum mastermind group with the truly magical Ted Nicholas.  Just one 5 minute conversation with Ted is worth more money than I ever have or ever could pay him.  The value of belonging to this group of extraordinary people is priceless.

Who are you surrounding yourself with this week?  Are they people who lift your game to the next level? Do they contribute to the most expansive version of yourself you could be?  If not, go grab yourself a mentor or find yourself a mastermind group.  The value you will get from it is immeasurable.

Next week our travels change shape as we jump onboard the cruise at New York. We have an even more exciting cruise after the old cruise ship caught fire! So instead of the Mexican Riviera it’s now New York to the Bahamas . . . and this means we have the opportunity to hang out with some of you very special people and continue our networking and continue our growth . . . . hopefully with a cocktail in hand.

Reconnecting To The Colours Of Life

If you’ve been feeling that life has been black and white of late here’s 3 easy steps to reconnect you to all the beautiful colours that life can offer us.

  1. Play And Be Silly
    What silly thing have you done recently? When was the last time you made some space in your diary just to have a bit of fun?

    Look how much fun children have when they are playing – they brim with joy and a total sense of connection to the moment.  They are living in sunshine.  When we forget our ego and get lost in a moment of pure playfulness, it not only raises our frequency, it brings that shaft of sunshine to our day.

    Sometimes we get stuck into being too serious-minded with our business and as a knock-on effect, with our families and our lives.  We forget to make time for fun.  But it’s the fun times that lighten us up and adds a sunny yellow colour to our lives.

  2. Reconnect To Your Pipe-Dream
    When was the last time you thought about your pipe dreams?  You know, those dreams you had years and years ago.  They may have seemed crazy back then and they may still seem crazy, but they still light you up, right?  It might have been to sail the world, to go on a cruise, to watch the Northen Lights, to walk the Inca Trail, to visit an Ashram, to stand on stage in front of thousands of people…. What happened to these dreams?  Because they’re not just pipe-dreams, never to be realised, they’re dreams waiting to be coloured in.

    Dreams come in all colours – they’re vivid and alive.  Sometimes, I’ll make time to reconnect with my dreams.  I’ll look through my vision album, or I’ll journal them in my morning pages, or I’ll just take time out in nature to meditate on them.  When I allow them to come up to the surface repeatedly then I allow them to influence my life and that way I can act upon them.  

    Keep present to your dreams so you can keep them alive and vibrant. You’ll be more likely to realise them if they’re blazing in colour rather than in muted, pale tones.

  3. Do Something New
    When was the last time you tried something new or did something new for the first time?  It might be as simple as trying a new food, ordering a different dish at the restaurant, taking a different route to work.  Or maybe talking to a stranger, trying that sky-dive, booking that holiday to Egypt.

    When we do new things we light up the part of our psyche that likes adventure.   Then with each simple act of adventure you do, you encourage yourself to take bigger and bigger risks.  Red is the colour of adventure and also the colour of passion.  By trying new adventurous things each week, you make it easier to keep connected to the dreams you are most passionate about in life.


Breathing colour back into your life doesn’t have to mean making huge changes – it’s as simple as trying new things, taking the time to reconnect to your dreams and having fun.  

So see what colour you can add to your life and make a mental note of the impact that this has on your sense of possibility in all areas of your life.  I think you’ll be amazed. 

Wedding Shopping!

What with a wedding coming up, I’ve just ‘had’ to do some shopping!  And who better to go shopping with than personal branding expert and style guru, Ben Angel.  Greg, Ben and I spent a great day out choosing some new clothes. Ben was just awesome.  He even got Greg to agree to wearing skinny ties and if you ask me he looks super hot in them! Being on the road means you to tend to wear your clothes out so this shopping trip was well over-due….

Talking of traveling, this weekend we got back to the UK and during the 5 hours we had to wait to check into our apartment we started the wedding planning.  I much preferred ignorance.  Did you know there is a formula for who you should invite!  Hilarious!

It just so happened the weekend we’ve arrived here in the UK is the Thames Festival, so we spent Saturday afternoon listening to the gypsy band near Tower Bridge and watching this groovy lady carve up the lawn!  I did have a bit of a boogie too!

As of next week, Greg and I are heading off on a much needed holiday, first to Turkey for a short cruise and then over to Thailand for Greg’s brother’s wedding.  I promise lots of lovely snaps on my return!  In the meantime, the newsletter will be taken care of by various members of the lovely Shift team so I’ll be leaving you in safe hands.  Plus it’s also a chance for you to see some little known behind the scenes secrets of Shift….