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8 Days until London Workshop


It’s been a big week here in London for the Team.  Last weekend I spoke at “The Millionaire Bootcamp for Women”.  It was a very successful weekend with some fantastic feedback from the participants.  It was also a great  opportunity for me to connect with some friends- some new, some old.

At the Bootcamp I invited the first people to join me on “The Lifestyle Shift Accelerator” Program. The response was awesome- so I can’t wait.  This is a new program I’ll be running in January next year. It is not just for speakers, but for any business owner who wants to make a life, not just a living.   So keep your ears out for more information about that one!

With only 8 days to go til the Presentation Profits Intensive in London- we’re getting super-excited here in the office.  Can’t wait to re-connect with all the inspiring European speakers we’ll have there!  If you haven’t got your ticket yet we have around 11 places remaining. 

Check it out here:




Speaker Training Armand Morin Style

Armand Morin

Armand Morin

We’re at LAX right now, and I just experienced my first earthquake.  5.0 on the Richter.  I was in the toilet and the water was splashing around all over the place!  Mmm!!

Anyway- back to the point!….

As many of you know- I am a constant and never-ending student. One of my colleagues, Armand Morin, who many of you may know as an Internet Marketing Super-hero, ran his speaker training “Persuasion X” public speaking training in Los Angeles this weekend.

Greg and I made a last minute decision to skip over the Pacific and check it out, and we have had a great couple of days.

I think no matter how much you know about public speaking, or any topic for that matter, there’s always something more you can add to the mix huh?! The highlight of the weekend was an unexpected visit to the event by the lovely Les Brown. Wow! What a gentle, beautiful man. He was truly unbelievable.

The three days at the event have confirmed my belief that when it comes to closing sales from stage, and public speaking in general, that it doesn’t matter what your style is… As long as you:

1. Are confident in your system
2. Hit the 7 key phases of your presentation
3. Practice, practice, practice

…then it doesnt matter if you have word on your powerpoint or images, or dont even use powerpoint. It doesn’t matter if you teach heaps, or load up the entertainment factor. There are rooms for all types- as long as you are memorable FOR SOME REASON!

So keys to take away from this message:
- Know your content
- Have a good system
- Just get you there practice!

If you haven’t yet seen my seven step presentation design- it’s free to check out at http://www.SecretsofSellingFromStage.com

Here’sa to your wild success!

Our Internet Secrets

Darren Stephens of "Men are from Mars, Women are From Venus" fame

Darren Stephens of "Men are from Mars, Women are From Venus" fame

I met with a good friend of mine yesterday- Darren Stephens. Many of you might know him for his incredible marketing work making Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus the success that it is. Did you know that book was the second biggest selling book in the 90s after only the Bible!? Wowsers!

Anyway, we’re launching our book soon- “Our Internet Secrets” where myself and my friends have got together to share our different areas of expertise in internet business, and Darren showed me the book cover! I’m so excited. Check it out!

Our Internet Secrets- Soon to be released!

Our Internet Secrets- Soon to be released!

What’s more, Greg and I are heading up the Gold Coast on Monday to meet up with the “Our Internet Secrets” Faculty to brainstorm and grow our own businesses- and come up with new and exciting propositions for our clients.

If getting your own book together is one of the things on your to do list- I am interviewing Darren Stephens for the “Secrets of Selling From Stage” Mentoring Members this Wednesday at 7:30 pm Australian EST.  I will be in LA however, and I’ve just realised it will be 2:30am for me.  Ouch!  If you’re not yet a member and want to learn the secrets behind making big money as a speaker go to www.secretsofsellingfromstage.com and get yourself registered before Wednesday.  Then you can join us for this exclusive interview with the smartest book marketing mind on the planet.

Go to www.secretsofsellingfromstage.com and join now!

Some thoughts on being yourself in business


I was writing an e-class for the Secrets Of Selling From Stage Mentoring Program yesterday and I just thought this section was pertinent to us all, whether we’re speakers or not, so I thought I’d post an except on the blog for you to peruse!

“For me I endeavor to be transparent in everything I do. Now it does bite me on the bum sometimes (in negotiations from time to time etc!) but as a speaker it serves me well.

Interestingly, I could not NOT be authentic these days!

Now- the fascinating thing for me about this is that my clients perceive my authenticity as INTEGRITY. In fact I have made sales before where people have given me the direct feedback that they had no idea what it was they were buying- they just wanted the opportunity to “work with someone in business that has that much integrity!” Truly- their words, not mine!

Now I don’t say this to blow my own trumpet- but to let you in on what’s going on inside in the hope that you can learn from it. So there a few key elements to this integrity/authenticity thing.

1. Firstly, like most powerful lessons in business, I really got how important authenticity was for me when I found that through a series little compromises, and little white lies I had got myself to a position where I wasn’t comfortable with me. It wasn’t that I wasn’t being me, because who the heck else was I being? It was just that the version of me that I was being, I didn’t like. I looked around me and saw a lot of other people reflecting the same back to me, and I thought “I don’t like this”. So I changed it!

2. Next- I find it incredible that we live in a world where integrity in business is a surprise. But for those of us who are AUTHENTIC it is a boon- because we are remembered and we stand out from the crowd.

3. I would far rather work with people who I find transparent and authentic, than people who hide behind masks and who I don’t “get” – so I strive to be that for other people. I used to think that we were a rare breed and that indeed I mustn’t be a “real business” person, because being truthful mattered to me. But it turns out there are some other weirdos like me who don’t like pretending to be something they’re not.

4. A further distinction that might be useful: I am not focusing on being “in integrity” all the time. I’m a nutcase when I do!  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the Landmark Education, but I became a headcase trying to be on time to everything and be my word to everyone and clean up everything and I just about integrity-ed myself to death. I don’t want to enter an argument here about what is right or wrong- this is about my “inner world” that creates the results I get in my business and life. If I focus on integrity: I am a basket case. If I focus on acceptance of myself, and sharing that with others- that is “authenticity”, the grand irony is that people all tell me how much integrity I have!

Do you find that odd or is it just me?!

So from stage, in business, in life I strive to be more and more me. That way you know what you’re going to get and so do I!

5. I have worked with people in the field of personal developemtn before who get all strung up and tell me “I don’t even know who the real me is any more” or “what if I don’t like the real me?” or “there’s lots of versions of the real me”. To those people I say this:

*** “I don’t even know who the real me is any more” : I don’t know who the real me is either- but I see it reflected back in the faces of those around me and in my audiences.

*** “What if I don’t like the real me?”: I don’t like the real me sometimes- she is grumpy, greedy, grotty and grotesque. And boy does she throw a good tantrum. But sometimes she is also great, graceful, gracious and grand. Go figure. We change with every breath – accepting that is where to begin.

***“There’s lots of versions of the real me”: You’re right! They are all you! For further details, see previous!

So- where does that leave us? Confused perhaps? It’s always a challenge to put words to the indescribable.”

What do you think about being yourself in business?


How to Get Started In Speaking

Hi troops!

I just finished a tele-training on How anyone, regardless of industry or inexperience can get started in Speaking and Make Big Money…Thought you might enjoy listening if you weren’t on the call.

I tell ya- I shared ooooooodles of tips and strategies.  I’m diligently building up my competition!  That’s the way.  Check this out – it goes for about 90 minutes I think, so you can download it and listen to it on your ipod or whatever.


As you have probably noticed Helena Denley is doing a divine job of making my blog look and act appropriately!  I’m so sorry I haven’t been on here much of late.  Had been having a few teething problems with the old template - but thankfully Helena has fixed it now and I can edit and upload with ease once more.

Check her out on www.helenadenley.com

Love yas all!!

J xx